09 – The Discovered Child

Posted: July 14, 2012 in Uncategorized

A wife has come in from the garden carrying with her a mole she has uncovered with the sweep of her hoe.  Look husband, she says,
I have found a mole outdoors.  Shall we keep him as our child to comfort us in our old age?

We will have him for dinner, exclaims the husband, to test his manners.  Then we will decide what can be done with him.
The wife nods her head and prepares a meal she hopes will be agreeable.

The mole does not eat what I have put before him, laments the wife.

What’s wrong, asks the husband, the roast not cooked enough for you?  But the mole by way of a reply has crawled into his cup of tea.
At least be civil, the husband shouts.  My wife has put much effort into this meal, do not let her good intent go unappreciated.

But the mole is quite insistent and soaks up the wife’s good tea with his coat of fur.  Please shut the lights, he whispers at last, I cannot see.

Into the pot with him, screams the husband, and the wife obeys.  Soon enough they are eating mole stew, and it is quite agreeable to them both.
Later that evening the husband drags the remains of the mole about the house.  Yes my wife, our child behaves quite as he should.
Look how he follows me about our home.

The wife goes to prepare the child’s bed as the sun begins its weary descent behind the hills.

  1. susan says:

    Whoo-hoo. Love it, Steve.

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