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26 – On (or About) the Dot

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The sphere is the totality of existence.

Each of us is measured as a plane cut through the center of the sphere, from any of the infinite coordinates across the surface of the sphere.  We are made up of all points within this plane, each of which represents the infinite intersections with points in another plane.

There are limitless intersections with other planes.  A single line drawn through the center of the sphere may be said to represent the sum of the intersections for a given number of planes.  Another line drawn from other exterior coordinates through the center represents the sum of intersections for another group of planes.  For all of these groups, there remains a single intersecting point.  This point is the center of the sphere.

Imagine what happens when these points begin to move.  This is time.  Within time, all things are possible; all things repeat; all things meet in one place or another.


25 – Disturbance

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24 – Land

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23 – Peony

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22 – Then They Stay Dead

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You think that their
dying is the worst
thing that could happen.

Then they stay dead.

– Donald Hall

21 – Flux

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20 – Dog Days

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